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About The Owner


I go by LaLa 

Bios are weird, but I'll try. 

I currently reside in Sacramento, CA but I belong to no place in particular

The most amazing male being decided to marry me, so I am also a wife. 

I scooped a BFA from the Art Institute of ATL so I be creating sometimes, for example dis here site in it's entirety.

I stay singing regardless of how well I do it (I don't do it well).

Currently I am practicing compassion

My values are freedom, peace of mind and LOVE. I am abundant in these things.

I'm Bi, leave if that's a problem

My momma tells me I am strong

Others tell me I am too passionate, too disciplined, too deep, I'll own that but I won't change it

French fries and ice cream  makes me glow

Making candles for my community brings me joy

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