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Caring for your Candles

Now that you've got your candles let's look at some tips and tricks to properly lighting/relighting and burning your candles! 


Keep your wick trimmed. 

The wick is the string at the center of your candle.  you add flame to it in order to light the candle. It is recommended that you trim the wick with scissors or a wick trimmer (highly suggest) every time you light your candle. This will help to reduce black smoke (soot) and lead to clean burning. 

Trim your wick  1/4" or as much of the burned tip as possible but not too much or you won't be able to relight.


Burn up to 4hrs only.

Please do not exceed burning our candles or any candles for more than 4hrs at a time.  This helps to reduce the heat of the jar which could combust. Also it reduces the chances of soot buildup in the candle or the areas around it. Burning for 4hrs or less allows for clean burning and more use of your candle.  

**We know you love to keep them candles burning for a good home aroma but for your safety, just light a different candle. 


Beware of where you burn.

Place your candles on a level surface when burning. Keep out of reach of children. Do not place too close to walls or flammable objects such s plants, paper, fabric and etc. In addition keep candles from burning near drafty doorways, windows, fans and air vents. This will only create a dancing or flickering flame which leads to more soot. That soot then gets blown onto walls, clothes, home décor and could even land in your nostrils. 

**We are not trying to scare you, we want you well and safe. 


Burn in sight.

Never burn your candles in a room that you are not in. Never leave your candles burning overnight. Never leave your candles burning when you are not home. This is major a fire hazard and we want you safe. 

**Please don't burn your house down at the expense of a good candle scent. 


Reuse materials.

The jar is completely reusable once all the wax is gone or too low to relight. Just clean it thoroughly and find another purpose for it in your home. 

Removing the label:

  • Run warm water (and maybe a little soap) over a rag

  • Place the rag over the label

  • Let sit for 1-3 mins

  • Peel or scrap off label.

Removing the wax:

  • Place candle in the freezer for about an hr. or 2

  • Pop out the frozen wax, procced to clean the jar


** Wicks typically come out with either method. Alcohol cleans up wax well. 

Be Safe and Enjoy!

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