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LINGERS is not just a candle brand but a candle brand on a mission. Read more about our goals below. 

Our Mission


Wellness in the black community is facing alarming statistics. We have always been expected to suffer in silence or lean on church to work out our mental and physical disparities. Our access to therapy, rehabilitation and health care has been rejected for far too long leaving many of us struggling to make it to the next day. Here at Lingers we are providing you with a product to make that day just a little easier. Yet beyond us are some amazing organizations and companies who are doing the real work of providing resources, spaces and programs that center wellness in our community. Lingers wants to get behind those organizations and companies and on a quarterly basis we are donating 10% of our proceeds to these good folx. Your support of us, supports all of us. We are excited to add philanthropy to our resume!

Some Links for research:

Our Vision

Not only do we care about wellness in our community, we care about the planet too. With much research, we have decided to work on becoming a more eco friendly and sustainable brand. As we grow and profit, we plan to phase out any ingredients and materials that we find are not meeting the needs of our planet. From the wax to the bubble wrap, we want to be sure that we are not producing anything that can harm our customers or our add to harming the planet. But as you know such a venture can be costly. So we will need your help to reach that goal. We can't save the planet but we can make small efforts to show the place we live some L O V E. 

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